Hi, I'm Sudeep. I'm a business growth consultant, working at the intersection of retail, design and technology.

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I help clients SCALE UP !

Which really means that I assist in decreasing risk and increasing success in business ! 

Which is a fancy way of saying, that I assist in retail operation optimisation, sales & marketing and strategic partnerships.

I am also passionate about design and innovation, especially in retail !




I run a boutique consulting practise helping clients drive customer engagement and revenue growth.

Over the last 20 years, I have worked in Operations, Sales, Marketing and Brand Strategy with 25+ brands across Hospitality, Retail, Fashion, Luxury and Education. Handling a diverse range of projects, gives me a unique perspective in connecting the dots, understanding context and drawing out action plans to achieve business results in rapidly-changing environments.


I look at clients as long term partners and see myself as an extension of their team. Most of my consulting work is tailor made to suit the brief of the project I am involved in. 

Typically I engage in the following three ways - 


A one to one meeting to discuss possibilities and challenge business assumptions. I use the Design Thinking framework in problem framing in addition to the Business Model Canvas to discover possible focus areas


A minimum 3 month or more association to deliver specific business milestones.  Focussed on Strategic, Operational or Marketing goals. An ideal assignment is generally a mix of 60% Execution and 40% Ideation


With a long term view on Corporate Innovation, I am currently curating an international community dedicated to FashTech in India. I assist technology startups focussing on Retail with Go To Market Strategy, Customer Acquisition and Marketing.


"A great analyst and very methodical, Sudeep light-heartedly nurtures his business projects with extraordinary passion and attention to detail.” 

—  Daniele Pasqui, Area Manager at Giorgio Armani



"In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn"

I am passionate about motivating people to become the best version of themselves ! 

Which is a fancy way of saying, that I have been teaching and training about Sales, Negotiation, Retail Operations, Value Management, Sustainability, Critical Thinking and much more 

I am also a Design Thinking Facilitator and actively encourage and practise Design Sprints !

"What you seek is seeking you."