In the course of my speaking and teaching, I often need to research and create content.

This is a sampling of a few past projects. Always open to discuss opportunities to co-write and contribute to research in design and technology !


A special giveaway for an "invitation only" launch of DT Cinemas, I researched and produced a limited edition coffee table book celebrating "Women in Indian Cinema" showcasing nine decades of impact of women in Bollywood, which quickly became a "Collectors Piece"

I co authored a chapter titled titled “Innovation and Sustainability in the Luxury Fashion Industry” which talks about the possibilities of innovation with special reference to examples out of Asia.

As a contributing author to a chapter in "The Luxury Market in India" I wrote about the Luxury Retail landscape in India. A window into the highly complex Indian luxury market, providing strategies to guide brands to enter this high potential market and capturing the luxury rupee. 

I co authored a chapter titled “Long-Term Sustainable Sustainability in Luxury. Where Else?” which deals with the past and current intersections of sustainable luxury and attempts to draw a conclusion on its future.

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